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And, of course, it tastes great, coming out as the Best Buy when we taste-tested vegan chocolate earlier this year.And at this price, you can buy five bars and stay under budget.Offices up and down the land run off the stuff, and if you’re buying for a particularly caffeinated colleague, get them a gift card that will facilitate the cup-to-bloodstream journey.

Load it up with anything from £5 to £500, give them to your colleague and watch the joy spread across their face as you explain they’ll be able to redeem it any of the 1000 or so Wetherspoon drinking establishments the UK has to offer.What’s more, the pad has a magnet attached to the back, so you can use to stick any passive-aggressive notes to the office fridge (“Somebody has eaten my egg and cress sandwich, AGAIN”.) Buy now If you’re after something delicious to get as a gift, but aren’t entirely sure what your recipient’s dietary requirements are, then we reckon this chocolate from Vego could be a wise choice.It’s chocolate, but not quite as you know it – it’s entirely vegan (so no milk whatsoever), organic and gluten-free.Buy now We love this series of short stories, inspired by Enid Blyton’s Famous Five novels but updated for adults.Other titles include Five Get on the Property Ladder and Five Go Gluten-Free, but we’ve gone for this one as it seems most Christmas-gift appropriate.

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