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Causes of teenage dating violence Teenage dating violence is associated with several causes; top on the list is unequal role distribution (Jackson, 1999).

In any marriage or relationship where there is unequal distribution of responsibility, there is a high probability of violence. This is because the partner who plays much of the responsibilities like financial support tends to be possessive, oppressive and expects unnecessary recognition.

Research studies have shown that teenagers are at high risk of being subjected to dating violence as they are getting introduced to dating and intimacy (Giordano, & Mulford, 2008).

This is compounded by the fact that teenagers are less likely to understand warning signs and disclose them to the trusted members of the society or report them to the authority.

Lack of self control can result to unnecessary violence.

They should therefore learn how to control their temper and apologize to each other.

Cheating in a teenage relation ship is a major cause of dating violence (Malik, Sorenson, & Aneshensel, 1997).

This is because at this age, boys and girls are introducing themselves to intimacy.

In this case the partner is emotionally unstable because the affected partner cannot express his/her desires.Lack of enough financial support to meet ones needs is frustrating.This problem becomes worse if the partner was financially stable but was rendered poor or lack of financial support from parents in case of a teenage.This problem becomes worse if one of the partners decides to quit the relationship without a reason which can be understood by the other.In such situation some people are left with no other option other than to revenge through violence.

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