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If your friend feels humiliated and judged he will withdraw from you and cling to Darth Vader. So when he tells stories about him, what kind of affirmation is he looking for? BREAKING UP CALLED AND LEFT YOU A MESSAGE, HE SAID ‘BREAK UP.”” And then I think about Darth Vader and my friends sitting through another brunch and my very nice therapist sitting through another session and saying “Do think think that’s okay?

Is he looking to win you over and using these stories to convince you that “There’s good in him, I’ve felt it? ” and you could do this every time you see your friend and he could still not break up. Asking questions takes care of your friend, and it also takes care of you by helping you be a safe, nonjudgmental presence for your friend.

So when someone says “You’re the only person who really understands me” to you on the second date, you panic.

So do I….except for when I was completely high on being intertwined with who I thought was the First Person To Really Get Me, Too, and then had to spend a year of my life in Love’s Methadone Clinic.

I’m going to assume that you’re a grounded, healthy, regular person.

There’s kind of a test for this that’s also the way to cope with this. ” And if you can find it in your heart, maybe try this: “I don’t like him, and I still don’t get it, but if you are happy then I trust you.” By which I mean…. Maybe Darth Vader has some rough edges but is really kind and funny in ways you don’t see.

When your friend tells you another story about Darth (or makes excuses for crappy behavior), answer like a therapist would: Don’t talk much, and when you do, ask only questions. Maybe the things he does activate your own personal peeves and triggers that you assumed your friend shares but it turns out he doesn’t and the things don’t bug him the same way.

They would audibly groan and roll their eyes and leave the room if I answered a call or a text from him or brought up his name.

They could not understand what I saw in him, and I could not really explain to them what I saw in him, but the answer was embarrassingly specific: Really Good Sex Enough Drama To Fascinate.

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