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VH1's "Dating Naked," which began last night, paradoxically gains little from its conceit -- that contestants must choose one of three suitors while they're all in the altogether. Mention is made, early on, to everyone's vague discomfort with the situation (no one knows where to look!

), but the show takes weirdly little advantage of the fact that it could potentially strip away the rhetoric and pretension around dating shows.

However, in the end, only one can win each of their hearts.

The very best dating shows on television, ranked from best to worst.

This show has what appears to be a fairly limited budget and a killer hook -- why doesn't it just embrace what it is?"Naked and Afraid" drops people in the wilderness without even the clothes on their backs in the name of survivalist experiment; the nudity isn't really prurient, unless you really love human misery.It's the necessarily ratcheted-up version of what "Survivor" was supposed to be when it launched 14 years ago -- a test of human endurance.Neither on "Dating Naked" nor on "Buying Naked" does anyone act remotely like normal naked people would.They're too busy contorting themselves so that the kitchen faucet blocks the view of their nether regions.

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The nudity, indeed, turns out to be the least interesting aspect of the show.

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