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"And that's what really draws me to acting because I take it as a challenge.Born in a family of 3 siblings (an elder and a younger brother) and a half-sister (born with his mother's current husband), Grier's biological father Chad Grier is one of his managers currently.Nash Grier was born on 28 December 1997 in North Carolina.The vine app was launched in 2003 when he was just 6 years old and he later started using the app and posting videos online.

The music video for Bera's “I Look Good On You” was also directed by Grier and released on his own You Tube channel.The movie was about a boy who wanted to pursue his father's dream of becoming a baseball player but has many challenges to face. Grier currently has around 12 million followers on Vine with the other 4.5 million on Youtube he also has over 9 million fans on his Instagram account.Grier gets around 000 to 0000 to advertise on his videos.He met Camaron Dallas over the vine app and on the Magcon convention, they became friends and started touring together until they decide to leave the company and pursue their dream. FAG in response to another youtube video titled Testing for HIV is not a Gay Thing.This video was not well received by the viewers as it was against the perception of people that considered AIDS as not a funny topic and people are actually dying because of that but Nash was not grown up enough to understand that and decided to make a video mocking people who get tested for HIV.

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